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Nicky's yoga sessions are really flexible (😅) and she finds ways to modify the poses to help individuals with specific problems. I was particularly pleased to develop my balance and core strength using poses stood on one leg....I couldn't do that at all to start with which made me realise how unstable I was! Now I can put my socks on more easily and my horse is relieved!

Denise Noble


We are a couple in our sixties and started yoga at the beginning of the first lockdown on Zoom.  We started with one class a week of Gravity Yoga and increased it to twice a week with a Vinyasa Flow class.  Looking back at what we could do at the beginning we see an amazing improvement in how flexible we are.  Nicki is professional, caring and very willing to adapt yoga classes to our specific needs. For example, we are going skiing and Nicki has been working on improving our strength for this.  We would highly recommend her classes.

Colin& Judith

Colin and Judith

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